Road Construction
Road construction throughout Australia varies significantly from high volume traffic corridors associated with high density urban locations to the rural roads that connect our many outback towns.

Design and construction philosophies and methodologies vary significantly for differing environments. Traffic volumes and transport vehicles are not just the key design criteria that need to be considered. Available pavement construction materials, climatic conditions, insitu ground conditions and environmental impacts are also important considerations vital to the design and construction of fit for purpose transport networks. Neo’s background in road construction in both urban and rural environments is one of the company’s strengths. Not only can we manage traffic control and construction on high volume freeways but we can identify and source select pavement materials providing long term, low maintenance integral pavements to rural areas.
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Our expertise includes:
  • Working in remote areas including sourcing and manufacturing materials, acquiring labour, setting up camp facilities and delivering a high standard product in adverse conditions.
  • Working in high flow, high exposure traffic conditions
  • Selecting the right plant for the construction and pavement material types.
  • Using our in house expertise and experienced team to construct and manage the works
  • Selection of proven subcontractors whom meet the Neo selection criteria.
The Neo personnel experience sheet includes the following Road and Bridge projects:
  • Southern Expressway (DTEI -SA)
  • Gulf Development Road (Main Raods - QLD)
  • Sunmetals Spurline and Bridges (QR - QLD)
  • Warrego Highway Deviation (Dept. Defence – QLD)
  • Lavarack Barracks Access Roads (AAL - SA)
  • Gouger Street Redevelopment (ACC – SA)
  • Northern Expressway (DTEI – SA)
  • Townsville Field Training Area Roads and Bridges (Dept. Defence – QLD)
  • Rural roads Construction Northern SA
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